It’s finally here: JoD4HAP Issue 2

I’m proud of this issue, maybe even more than the last. It’s nearly twice as long. It has two interviews with prominent names in the Pathfinder space. It has fiction. It has homebrew ideas.

We are doing this dang thing, fam, and I am floored at the hype we’ve gotten so far. Alex and I envisioned this journal two years ago in a different world. A different universe. The fact that we have been able to carve this thing out of ourselves — with the help and support of our lovely contributors — not once but twice this year is a testament to our dedication and a testament to how well we work as a team.

It’s nice to have creative friends. It’s even nicer to have a space where you feel at home in your creativity. Alex has been both of these for me for a long time, and I’m proud of how far both of us have come.

That is to say…

Get hype, nerds. JoD4HAP is here to stay.

The Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals, Issue 2

Bottom left, Cora the cat holds a toy mouse.

Middle, Soph sits at a laptop in front of a game board. She is dressed as a rogue in cape, bracers, knife. She sits in a forest. 

Right, a lego character holding a red lego staff sits on a DND gaming map.
Click the image to visit the site for download.


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