It’s December: Time to crochet everything

A golden crochet hook attached to red yarn and a hairpin lace crochet apparatus

So, I keep buying yarn.

I learned how to crochet using the hairpin lace apparatus when I was eight. My mom and grandma have used this piece of metal and plastic to make blankets and scarves my whole life.

A golden crochet hook attached to red yarn and a hairpin lace crochet apparatus

It’s kind of my love language. When I meet someone I like, even if it’s a relationship that’s just beginning, if I see a potential for us to be friends forever — I think: “I should make a blanket for this person.” My mom did the same thing with my dad. There is one old, rainbow-colored afghan in their home that my dad swears is imbued with magical healing properties, because my mom made it for him out of love.

I made a blanket (with my mom’s help) for my best friend. I made a blanket for my ex-husband. I tried to make a blanket for another friend and ended up keeping the blanket after that particular friendship fizzled.

So far, I have made one blanket for my current partner. I’m working on the second.

Me, working on my current blanket project.

This year, I have branched out from the hairpin lace into different kinds of crochet and knitting work. I’m filling my new home with pillow case covers, blankets, scarves, hats, coasters, all kinds of stuff. I’m even knitting a mat for the countertop so I can put my drink / coffee paraphernalia on there without worrying about staining the counter. This year has been difficult, from both a personal and a global perspective, and latching on to any creativity I can muster has been a huge victory. It seems like crochet has given me more mental stability than anything else over the past few months.

So I’ve been buying a lot of yarn. Everyone gets knitted or crochet presents this year.

I made this hat!

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