Liz Does Stuff: Holiday cookies!

Soph and I made holiday cookies!

I brought my mom’s tried-and-true shortbread recipe. Easy, time-consuming, and delicious.

Soph got fancy with it. She made some cookies of her own creation. She made a base dough and then split it in two: In half, she put part of a packet of hot chocolate mix, and in the other half, she stirred in some caramel syrup. Then, for decoration, she put caramel drizzle and marshmallows on some, dipped some in dark chocolate and sea salt, and made “blossoms” out of others, with peppermint and chocolate kisses.

Check out her full write-up and recipe at

I’m good at baking, and it’s thanks to my mom. Around the holidays, people tend to get a little sappy and wax poetic about their families. Well, I will say: Without my mama, I’d be nowhere. And her baking skills have (somehow) transferred to me. I have a lot to learn, but people at work liked the shortbread (and the others!).

Next week: peppermint cheesecake!


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