Workshop Wednesday: Let’s try something new

A brick with the words 'You are my mountaintop' engraved

As the title says, I’m gonna try something a little different.

I talk about writing in the abstract, and sometimes I post what I write. Those are the ends of the spectrum. But what about the middle? The actual craft? The stress, the sweat, the frustration. What do I do to get better at writing?

The answer, when I was in school, was: writing workshop. Workshop provided a safe avenue for discussion and expression where I absolutely knew I would learn and grow as a writer — because everyone else in class was there for the same reason. We hashed things out, we agreed, we disagreed. Mostly, I observed, because I felt like everyone else was so much smarter than me.

We read each other’s stories and poems. And the thing about writers — they all write differently. And sometimes, it’s because they read differently. So we learned how to write and read in disparate ways, making us more well-rounded as creators and as individuals. Workshop day was nerve-wracking and rewarding, hands down the best day of the week.

And let’s be real. I miss the hell out of school.

I want to foster that kind of safe space here. So on Wednesdays, I’m going to talk shop. How do I write? When? What am I actively trying to do to get better? What challenges am I facing with particular characters or plot lines?

I want to hear from you, as well. Let’s dig deep and dive in. Let’s discuss what you’re working on. Let’s get started!


Published by Liz

I'm a writer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. I've been writing for ages and ages. Somehow now I'm actually getting someone to pay me to do it.

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