The last two weeks . . .

. . . have been pretty hectic. Somehow I still manage to get into all kinds of things to do, even though I’m done with my degree and probably should just be sleeping and eating and reading (for FUN!). Which, granted, I have been doing a lot of. The last two weeks, however, were busy.Continue reading “The last two weeks . . .”

I’ve finally crawled out from under my rock

Dear Long-Suffering People that Still Follow this Site for Some Reason, I’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last month or so. My thesis defense went well (yay!) and I passed (more yay!) and then I hid under a boulder and have been doing nothing except eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates, drinking excessive amountsContinue reading “I’ve finally crawled out from under my rock”

After yet another hiatus…

I’m beginning to think I’m just a terrible blogger and should give up. But never fear! My inane ramblings are here to stay! Here’s an update on everything that’s been going on in my life and writing. The semester is over. Finally. And so is grad school. That’s another post in itself, but suffice it toContinue reading “After yet another hiatus…”