After yet another hiatus…

I’m beginning to think I’m just a terrible blogger and should give up. But never fear! My inane ramblings are here to stay! Here’s an update on everything that’s been going on in my life and writing. The semester is over. Finally. And so is grad school. That’s another post in itself, but suffice it toContinue reading “After yet another hiatus…”

This Weekend in Bullet Points — Reading, Writing, and #neatingout

Lots of new things happening in Liz’s life right now. 1. I turned 24 this past week. I feel old. 2.The third issue of NEAT. is about to go live. There is a metric tonne of poetry in this one, and I’m super pumped about it. Can’t wait to sit down with my Kindle andContinue reading “This Weekend in Bullet Points — Reading, Writing, and #neatingout”