10 Novels That Have Shaped the Stuff that Liz Writes

I see a lot of those Internet lists that have titles like, “100 Classic Novels You Are a Dunce If You Haven’t Read by the Time You’re 20” and “20 New Novels That Are Totally In Style and Stuff So Read Them Blah.” The thing is, I have always felt a little iffy about these kinds of lists. . . . Therefore, I thought I’d make one of these list-y things.

The Infinite Wisdom of Terry Pratchett

“The first draft is just you telling yourself a story.” — Terry Pratchett What a wonderful man and wonderful writer. I’m currently re-reading The Wee Free Men, and I’m realizing what an important impact Mr. Pratchett has had on my life and work so far. I don’t write anything like he does, but the way heContinue reading “The Infinite Wisdom of Terry Pratchett”