Story of the Week #10 — “Morning Aroma” by Noah C. Patterson

In honor of Halloween and of my finding this wonderful little mag/blog MicroHorror, I decided to make one of the entries in the 2013 Contest our Story of the Week. MicroHorror is a neat website run by Nathan Rosen that has striven to be “the Web’s premier free repository for horror microfiction” since 2006. ThatContinue reading “Story of the Week #10 — “Morning Aroma” by Noah C. Patterson”

Trifecta Writing Prompt: BOO

This week’s Trifecta challenge, appropriately themed for Halloween, is BOO. Here is the third bullet of the definition given:  3. (verb) to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting “Boo” slowly I suppose now is as good a time as any to be writing a ghost story. “Meddling Kid” Jane looked upContinue reading “Trifecta Writing Prompt: BOO”

Story of the Week #8 — “State Forests” by David Ryan

Finally getting back into the Stories of the Week with this wonderful little story by David Ryan. “State Forests” was published by Booth, the graduate literary magazine of Butler University. The basic summary of the story is this: a man encounters another standing on a bridge waiting to jump. They both jump, but the manContinue reading “Story of the Week #8 — “State Forests” by David Ryan”

Five Sentence Fiction: “Betrayal”

Here’s another Five Sentence Fiction. The one-word inspiration for this week: “blades.” Betrayal Seri lowered her sword, glaring at Rian with eyes hard as onyx. “Why would you even think about working for that monster?” He smirked. “Mainly because I’m bored, but also just to see that look on your face.” Seri, heart throbbing inContinue reading “Five Sentence Fiction: “Betrayal””

Story of the Week #6 — “With Human” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee

Apparently I’m on a pregnancy/babies kick the past couple of weeks. I read this a while ago and just remembered that I wanted to talk about it. My friend pippicannotread over at tumblr posted it saying that one of these lovely ladies was a professor of hers in her undergrad. Read the story here. MyContinue reading “Story of the Week #6 — “With Human” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee”

Story of the Week #4 — “The Souls of Alligators” by Robert Kloss

I found this story while browsing the website of Corium Magazine, an online magazine that “publishes stories and poems with substance and connection. Words that touch on nerves and stay. Make us feel something.” Robert Kloss’s “The Souls of Alligators” definitely lingers beneath the surface of the mind. I had to read it several timesContinue reading “Story of the Week #4 — “The Souls of Alligators” by Robert Kloss”

Story of the Week #3 — “You Are The City” by Wei He

I was browsing the website of a journal that I recently submitted to, Spry Literary Magazine, and met with a surprise—I found a story written by one of my classmates at Miami! Wei He is a fiction writer from China that is graduating this year with a master’s degree in English/Creative Writing, and I haveContinue reading “Story of the Week #3 — “You Are The City” by Wei He”

Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy

I want this blog/website/whatchyacallit to be a place of discourse, of conversations about good writing. The best way I know to start a conversation about good writing is to read good writing, and so I have decided to scour the Internet once a week for well-written, visceral, free (!) short stories that we can all learnContinue reading “Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy”