Liz Does Stuff: Ohio Renaissance Festival

Yes, this is just an excuse to make you look at rad photos of me.

Inspiration, October 4

Here’s how I actually view my character at the beginning: My character is in the lower class – so she won’t be wearing all the frills and expensive-looking clothes. It will be something more like this, except I’m thinking either red or gray for the skirt. And of course she’ll have a coat for whenContinue reading “Inspiration, October 4”

Inspiration, October 1

How about this? I’m really feeling the trains lately. I’m knee-deep (so not very deep) in world-building at the moment, and I want my country to be advanced enough to have a train system that goes throughout the land – most notably, it is an elevated train that runs above the city where my mainContinue reading “Inspiration, October 1”