Get ready: JoD4HAP Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals now has a release date.

WARNING: Rant Ahead — Liz’s Thoughts on “Genre”

First of all, WordPress informed me yesterday that it was my one-year anniversary with this site. Woohoo. I’ve managed to annoy people with words for a whole 365 days now. Here’s to 365 more! Okay. On to the nitty gritty. Yesterday morning I read my friend Katie’s blog post about genre and her thoughts onContinue reading “WARNING: Rant Ahead — Liz’s Thoughts on “Genre””

Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy

I want this blog/website/whatchyacallit to be a place of discourse, of conversations about good writing. The best way I know to start a conversation about good writing is to read good writing, and so I have decided to scour the Internet once a week for well-written, visceral, free (!) short stories that we can all learnContinue reading “Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy”