Inspiration, October 11

My main character’s home city, Heredo, is situated on the banks of Lake Shiniren. Since I, too, currently live in a thriving city on the banks of a huge lake, I figured drawing from my own life would be efficient. I took this picture a few weeks ago when walking on the shore of LakeContinue reading “Inspiration, October 11”

Inspiration, October 10

Third installment in the architecture series . . . I’m on a roll apparently. This strikes me as a nice, quaint little village on the verge of winter. Something about it is . . . relaxing. The lone lamp post has always held significance for me. It’s the Lantern that welcomes Lucy to Narnia fromContinue reading “Inspiration, October 10”

Inspiration, October 9

Continuing in the architectural vein . . . This is an actual photograph — check out all the dusters! I like the bridge-type structure in the background. I could imagine that being a train track of some kind. In the capital city where my heroine lives, Heredo, the train operates on a raised track aboveContinue reading “Inspiration, October 9”

Inspiration, October 4

Here’s how I actually view my character at the beginning: My character is in the lower class – so she won’t be wearing all the frills and expensive-looking clothes. It will be something more like this, except I’m thinking either red or gray for the skirt. And of course she’ll have a coat for whenContinue reading “Inspiration, October 4”