In the interest of accountability

Here are several things I am going to do in the near future, in no particular order.

The Illusion Conundrum, Part V: Excerpt #2

He couldn’t remember a time before wind. Always, it had followed him. Through his childhood, adolescence, adulthood. The windlings were a race of people born from the very air itself, created from the swirling rage of the gods thousands of years ago.

Even More Music of the Day, Or, A Story About How Liz Accidentally Likes Dubstep

I can’t help myself. I’ve been bingeing on this song since my brother sent it to me yesterday. This song, for lack of a better way to say it, gives me the Fantasy Novel Shakes. For some reason, whenever lightning and thunder are mentioned in a song or a book, it gives me this feeling.Continue reading “Even More Music of the Day, Or, A Story About How Liz Accidentally Likes Dubstep”

This Weekend in Bullet Points — Reading, Writing, and #neatingout

Lots of new things happening in Liz’s life right now. 1. I turned 24 this past week. I feel old. 2.The third issue of NEAT. is about to go live. There is a metric tonne of poetry in this one, and I’m super pumped about it. Can’t wait to sit down with my Kindle andContinue reading “This Weekend in Bullet Points — Reading, Writing, and #neatingout”

Writing Day Success!

Well, Saturday was my big day to sit at home, lock myself in a room, and write all day. The goal was to finish two chapters of my novel and write as much as possible, hopefully bringing me closer to finishing my novel. I snuggled up in bed with two blankets, two kitties, my computer,Continue reading “Writing Day Success!”