Spring has come to Chicago!

I walked outside my apartment this morning and was greeted with the glorious knowledge that spring has finally crawled out from under its blanket of snow. I love winter and snow and everything that comes with it, but I am so ready for it to be warm outside. Even now as I sit at myContinue reading “Spring has come to Chicago!”

Great news from Chicago-land!

Hello faithful readers and fellow writers! Today is a great day. I just got offered a job as a Content Writer at a marketing company in Chicago! Woo. Now I can do a thing for a living that I went to school for. This is an English major’s dream come true. I start on Monday!Continue reading “Great news from Chicago-land!”

Hello hello from the great white Midwest

Concerned readers will be happy to know that I am finally back from my hiatus. I am writing to you from a whole new city: Chicago! A lot of packing, an ungodly amount of stress and adrenaline, and a cold-as-shit blizzard of a move-in day later, and I have officially been here for a month.Continue reading “Hello hello from the great white Midwest”