Inspiration, October 10

Third installment in the architecture series . . . I’m on a roll apparently. This strikes me as a nice, quaint little village on the verge of winter. Something about it is . . . relaxing. The lone lamp post has always held significance for me. It’s the Lantern that welcomes Lucy to Narnia fromContinue reading “Inspiration, October 10”

Sprint Week Story: “The Ghost and I Watched the Sky Fall Together”

Well, dear Readers, Sprint Week is over! I had an awesome time working with and learning from Kelcey Parker this week, and I think I got some good ideas out of it. I’m excited about the prospects this new knowledge and outlook (story=structure) will have on my writing. I promised that I would post theContinue reading “Sprint Week Story: “The Ghost and I Watched the Sky Fall Together””

Sprint Week, Day 3: Entrancing Entrances

Dear Readers, I am POOPED. But class is still going well and I’m still having fun with this intensive workshop setting. It’s the last day of the Sprint Week workshop, but I still have a few hours to go before class. I’m neck-deep in my story, which I will post later tonight once I’m finishedContinue reading “Sprint Week, Day 3: Entrancing Entrances”

Sprint Week, Day 2: Let it Go

The readings for today’s sprint class had a common theme: forget your hangups and go with your gut when it comes to architecture. Louis Kahn, in “Form and Design” (1961), told the story of a young architect coming to him with a problem: he could dream as big as he wanted, but as soon asContinue reading “Sprint Week, Day 2: Let it Go”