I am part of a few projects and organizations, all of which I am extremely proud.

Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals

I started JoD4HAP with my friend and former classmate Alex G. Friedman. We wanted a space to analyze and celebrate nerd culture. Our expertise is various, so he’s focusing on tabletop role playing games, and I am doing more with real-play podcasts and nerd fashion.

We are looking for submissions for Issue 4 right now. Check it totally out.

Podcast: Literally 2 Cents About Content!

Literally 2 Cents About Content! is a podcast about content mills and the broader concept of labeling all creative work “content.” Why do we call everything anyone produces “content”? How does this “content” frame affect us as content consumers? And what types of conditions do content creators labor under?

This is a project I’m working on with my friend Alex, who I met while working at a content mill. Lots of good stuff planned here. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Substack, and more.

Information overload is a type of censorship Literally 2 Cents About Content!

Alex and Liz talk about Jenny Odell's "How to Do Nothing," this time focusing on how information overload and context collapse make it difficult to do what you want to do. We also make a brief detour into "This is Water" (and its roots in "Infinite Jest"), discuss the toxicity of fandom, and how even works widely seen as "great" in a moment (your Booth Tarkingtons of the world, essentially) quickly fade from popular memory. Get full access to This Too Too Solid Flesh at
  1. Information overload is a type of censorship
  2. Doing Something About Jenny Odell's "How to do Nothing," Part 1!
  3. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to "Capitalist Realism"
  4. SEO Cope And Change—And StarCraft!
  5. The Top 10 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Content Mills

Streaming: Katryam / Internet Gramma

I have been streaming some video games and random thoughts on Twitch. It’s enjoyable, and gives me a set time to play games, something I love doing but don’t have much time for anymore.

I am on a bit of a hiatus currently but have big plans to return soon.


One of my very favorite things to do is read and publish poetry. This project, roam literature, is an independent online literary magazine devoted to helping new and established writers alike find a home for their words.

Our first issue went live in September 2019, and it’s full of beautiful, tragic, exuberant writing. I’m extremely proud and grateful these writers decided to entrust us with their words, and I hope one day to return.

Check it out at

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