Inspiration, October 10

Third installment in the architecture series . . . I’m on a roll apparently. This strikes me as a nice, quaint little village on the verge of winter. Something about it is . . . relaxing. The lone lamp post has always held significance for me. It’s the Lantern that welcomes Lucy to Narnia fromContinue reading “Inspiration, October 10”

NaNoWriMo Goals

I figure if I’m going to do this thing, I should actually do it right. Here are the things I’m hoping to accomplish with my foray into National Novel Writing Month: 1.) Write at least 1,000 words per day. 2.) Make writing every day a habit (that I continue after November, clearly) 3.) Get excitedContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Goals”

Inspiration, October 4

Here’s how I actually view my character at the beginning: My character is in the lower class – so she won’t be wearing all the frills and expensive-looking clothes. It will be something more like this, except I’m thinking either red or gray for the skirt. And of course she’ll have a coat for whenContinue reading “Inspiration, October 4”

Inspiration, October 1

How about this? I’m really feeling the trains lately. I’m knee-deep (so not very deep) in world-building at the moment, and I want my country to be advanced enough to have a train system that goes throughout the land – most notably, it is an elevated train that runs above the city where my mainContinue reading “Inspiration, October 1”

Music of the Day 

Just realized something. I’ve already said Fall Out Boy seems to come out with a new album every time I do something important in my life. From Under the Cork Tree – Started high school / started listening to Fall Out Boy (that’s an event in itself) Infinity On High – ….Prom? (this is theContinue reading “Music of the Day “