Literature + Face Waterfalls = Liz Loves to Read Again

I finally jumped on the John Green bandwagon (it seems everyone else was already on) and read The Fault in Our Stars. It indeed was as good as all the bandwagoners say it is, but of course my saying that isn’t really adding to the literary discussion of this text. It’s just a fact. Something amazingContinue reading “Literature + Face Waterfalls = Liz Loves to Read Again”

Farewell to The Wheel of Time

I’m finally reading A Memory of Light, the fourteenth and final installment of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. The first book was published in February of 1990 (which is, consequently, the month I was born), and the last in January of 2013. These books have been iconic, lovely, masterful, and above all unrivaled inContinue reading “Farewell to The Wheel of Time”

Story of the Week #4 — “The Souls of Alligators” by Robert Kloss

I found this story while browsing the website of Corium Magazine, an online magazine that “publishes stories and poems with substance and connection. Words that touch on nerves and stay. Make us feel something.” Robert Kloss’s “The Souls of Alligators” definitely lingers beneath the surface of the mind. I had to read it several timesContinue reading “Story of the Week #4 — “The Souls of Alligators” by Robert Kloss”

Story of the Week #3 — “You Are The City” by Wei He

I was browsing the website of a journal that I recently submitted to, Spry Literary Magazine, and met with a surprise—I found a story written by one of my classmates at Miami! Wei He is a fiction writer from China that is graduating this year with a master’s degree in English/Creative Writing, and I haveContinue reading “Story of the Week #3 — “You Are The City” by Wei He”

Story of the Week #2 — “Millie” by Anna Caro

This week’s story was published by The Future Fire online magazine in December 2012. This magazine seeks to publish “new speculative fiction and art with a social conscience, a political sensibility and of the highest quality.” Their mission statement of wanting to focus on fiction with a “social conscience” is interesting and magnetizing, to me.Continue reading “Story of the Week #2 — “Millie” by Anna Caro”

Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy

I want this blog/website/whatchyacallit to be a place of discourse, of conversations about good writing. The best way I know to start a conversation about good writing is to read good writing, and so I have decided to scour the Internet once a week for well-written, visceral, free (!) short stories that we can all learnContinue reading “Story of the Week #1 — “6.5” by Ian Murphy”

Badlands, by Cynthia Reeves (Warning: Spoilers and a Rant)

I just finished a book that, quite literally, turned me into a sobbing mess for about five long minutes after I had finished it. The tears are still drying on my face and my skin still feels stretched and puffy. I am unsure whether my thoughts can be arranged into anything coherent right now, butContinue reading “Badlands, by Cynthia Reeves (Warning: Spoilers and a Rant)”