Reading List #4 — Jesus’ Son

If you’re confused that this is #4 and not #3, good on you for paying attention. I have #3 drafted, but I never seem to have the book around to grab quotes out of, so it will sit there for at least another day until I can stop being lazy and find the book. (IContinue reading “Reading List #4 — Jesus’ Son”

…Like a Patient Etherized Upon a Table

Let’s get something straight. I write fiction. Fiction is what I do. Novels, short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction (it made me crazy, but I did it). But every now and then, when the moon is at its apex in the eastern sky and the crickets are singing and there’s beer in my belly and theContinue reading “…Like a Patient Etherized Upon a Table”

Reading List #2 — Things Fall Apart

Hello hello I’m back again with your weekly installment of What is Liz Reading and Why Should I Care, with the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Before you ask, yes, I have been reading Hero With A Thousand Faces as well, but it will require more time than anticipated and thus I am going to break up theContinue reading “Reading List #2 — Things Fall Apart”

Reading List #1 — DUNE

All right. The semester is over (has been for a while, actually) and I survived. Now it’s time to get reading. Thus begins studying in earnest to acquire my degree. Are you, avid Readers, ready? Because I’m not. Here we go anyway. The first book I’m focusing on from my reading list is one thatContinue reading “Reading List #1 — DUNE”

Story of the Week #10 — “Morning Aroma” by Noah C. Patterson

In honor of Halloween and of my finding this wonderful little mag/blog MicroHorror, I decided to make one of the entries in the 2013 Contest our Story of the Week. MicroHorror is a neat website run by Nathan Rosen that has striven to be “the Web’s premier free repository for horror microfiction” since 2006. ThatContinue reading “Story of the Week #10 — “Morning Aroma” by Noah C. Patterson”

Story of the Week #9 — “Chance” by Conor Powers-Smith

Found a horror/fantasy/speculative fiction mag called Black Treacle the other day. They are a Canada-based online magazine that publishes bimonthly. Though I’m not from Canada (and they give preference to Canadian writers), I submitted something anyway. The worst they can say is no. This week’s Story of the Week is, actually, written by a guyContinue reading “Story of the Week #9 — “Chance” by Conor Powers-Smith”

Time to Start Reading for My Thesis, a lesson in stress (mis)management

*Jaws Music* Dun dun dun dun  . . . Time to start reading. I’ve been working steadily on the first draft of my novel over the past few months and have knocked out a substantial chunk — I made it to 63k this week, which is a monstrous number of words if you ask me.Continue reading “Time to Start Reading for My Thesis, a lesson in stress (mis)management”

The first issue of NEAT. is now live!

Hellooooo all of my beautiful followers. I promised you yesterday that I would have news about NEAT. Well, lo and behold, we are LIVE. NEAT. started as a conversation in the beginning of July between myself and my friend TM Keesling. We asked each other: How can we create something that we will be proudContinue reading “The first issue of NEAT. is now live!”

Story of the Week #6 — “With Human” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee

Apparently I’m on a pregnancy/babies kick the past couple of weeks. I read this a while ago and just remembered that I wanted to talk about it. My friend pippicannotread over at tumblr posted it saying that one of these lovely ladies was a professor of hers in her undergrad. Read the story here. MyContinue reading “Story of the Week #6 — “With Human” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee”

Story of the Week #5 — “A Sunday Brunch in Amber” by Kelly Ann Kiehl

I want to apologize to my readers for the long absence. A summer malaise seems to have latched onto me and is only gradually starting to abate. I keep telling myself that it’s because I needed a break after school let out, but a tiny voice in the back of my head knows that thatContinue reading “Story of the Week #5 — “A Sunday Brunch in Amber” by Kelly Ann Kiehl”