Good news!

I learned yesterday that my short story “How to Dye Window Treatments” is going to be published in the online magazine ObsessionMag (check them out here or here). Sweet beans! I’ll be sure to upload a link when one appears.

Badlands, by Cynthia Reeves (Warning: Spoilers and a Rant)

I just finished a book that, quite literally, turned me into a sobbing mess for about five long minutes after I had finished it. The tears are still drying on my face and my skin still feels stretched and puffy. I am unsure whether my thoughts can be arranged into anything coherent right now, butContinue reading “Badlands, by Cynthia Reeves (Warning: Spoilers and a Rant)”

Words are hard, mmmkay? — Thoughts about productivity

Lately I’ve been feeling quite productive as far as writing goes. I hit 34k in my current manuscript, I have been submitting short fiction (which means I’ve been writing short fiction), and I squeezed out a poem or two in the last few weeks. What’s my secret, you ask? No secret, really. A graduate programContinue reading “Words are hard, mmmkay? — Thoughts about productivity”

What does my writing sound like?

Someone asked me once what kind of music I listen to while I write. I was rather at a loss for words. It’s not that I don’t know what kind of music I find in my earbuds on a consistent basis. It’s that I didn’t know how this person would react when I said thatContinue reading “What does my writing sound like?”