Trifecta Writing Prompt: PHANTOM

I found a thing! I love all these online avenues that push us to create on a weekly/daily basis. Trifecta is a weekly prompt that requires writers to come up with a story between 33 and 333 words that uses the third definition (in a standard dictionary) of a given word. This week, the word isContinue reading “Trifecta Writing Prompt: PHANTOM”

NEAT. Submissions!

Would just like to remind everyone that NEAT. is still open for submissions until October 31. We’re looking for endings — or beginnings that come from endings. A little Halloween horror, a little sci-fi, a little whatever-the-heck-you-want-to-write. We want to read it. :) We’re accepting fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and photography. Check out the website here.Continue reading “NEAT. Submissions!”

Time to Start Reading for My Thesis, a lesson in stress (mis)management

*Jaws Music* Dun dun dun dun  . . . Time to start reading. I’ve been working steadily on the first draft of my novel over the past few months and have knocked out a substantial chunk — I made it to 63k this week, which is a monstrous number of words if you ask me.Continue reading “Time to Start Reading for My Thesis, a lesson in stress (mis)management”

Story of the Week #8 — “State Forests” by David Ryan

Finally getting back into the Stories of the Week with this wonderful little story by David Ryan. “State Forests” was published by Booth, the graduate literary magazine of Butler University. The basic summary of the story is this: a man encounters another standing on a bridge waiting to jump. They both jump, but the manContinue reading “Story of the Week #8 — “State Forests” by David Ryan”

Work Goes Faster When You Can Dance at Your Desk

… and that goes doubly for when you’re writing. Sadly, I am not doing that right now. But I AM listening to the fantastic new album from Panic! at the Disco. I think people are going to give them shit for this one, but I actually love it. It’s like they took a look insideContinue reading “Work Goes Faster When You Can Dance at Your Desk”

The first issue of NEAT. is now live!

Hellooooo all of my beautiful followers. I promised you yesterday that I would have news about NEAT. Well, lo and behold, we are LIVE. NEAT. started as a conversation in the beginning of July between myself and my friend TM Keesling. We asked each other: How can we create something that we will be proudContinue reading “The first issue of NEAT. is now live!”

Writers’ Retreat: A Lesson in Happiness

A thing that I wrote at the beginning of August about the most informative/fun weekend of my summer. Yes I know it’s idiotic that I have waited until now to post it. I spent the weekend hanging out with some crazy/awesome/creative folks at the Post Mortem Press Writers’ Retreat in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It wasContinue reading “Writers’ Retreat: A Lesson in Happiness”

I Am a Horrible Blogger, a story by me

I realize I haven’t posted since July. I hope everyone will forgive me (because I know you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for every word I say). The beginning of a new semester means it’s time to WORK WORK WORK AND NO SLEEP FOR YOU HAHAHAHA. I promise I will post moreContinue reading “I Am a Horrible Blogger, a story by me”

After a Hiatus, I Present to You . . .

I would like you all to know that I haven’t died. Yay, right? I took a long break to go on vacation with Husband and do fun things like mountain biking and hiking and all sorts of other things that end with “-ing.” Also did quite a bit of writing, so maybe you will seeContinue reading “After a Hiatus, I Present to You . . .”

Story of the Week #7 — “The Proposal” by Amelia Jane Nierenberg

In the spirit of having been published this week by Burningword Literary Journal, I figured I would review a story in the July 1 issue. This flash fiction story by Amelia Jane Nierenberg hits rather close to home for me. Read the story here. This fantastic little piece manages to capture the essence of myContinue reading “Story of the Week #7 — “The Proposal” by Amelia Jane Nierenberg”