Inspiration, October 21

In which I babble about trains and more maps.

Inspiration, October 12

One of the most important things in fantasy literature is the idea of the hearty meal. The hobbits’ second breakfast comes to mind, and the Turkish delight enjoyed by Edmund upon meeting the White Witch, and every scene from Harry Potter that takes place in the Great Hall. Food is important in fantasy novels, andContinue reading “Inspiration, October 12”

Inspiration, October 11

My main character’s home city, Heredo, is situated on the banks of Lake Shiniren. Since I, too, currently live in a thriving city on the banks of a huge lake, I figured drawing from my own life would be efficient. I took this picture a few weeks ago when walking on the shore of LakeContinue reading “Inspiration, October 11”

Inspiration, October 10

Third installment in the architecture series . . . I’m on a roll apparently. This strikes me as a nice, quaint little village on the verge of winter. Something about it is . . . relaxing. The lone lamp post has always held significance for me. It’s the Lantern that welcomes Lucy to Narnia fromContinue reading “Inspiration, October 10”

Inspiration, October 9

Continuing in the architectural vein . . . This is an actual photograph — check out all the dusters! I like the bridge-type structure in the background. I could imagine that being a train track of some kind. In the capital city where my heroine lives, Heredo, the train operates on a raised track aboveContinue reading “Inspiration, October 9”

Even More Music of the Day, Or, A Story About How Liz Accidentally Likes Dubstep

I can’t help myself. I’ve been bingeing on this song since my brother sent it to me yesterday. This song, for lack of a better way to say it, gives me the Fantasy Novel Shakes. For some reason, whenever lightning and thunder are mentioned in a song or a book, it gives me this feeling.Continue reading “Even More Music of the Day, Or, A Story About How Liz Accidentally Likes Dubstep”