Wherein I welcome you to my blog . . .

Hello everyone! This is my first go at WordPress, and I am enjoying myself so far. There’s just so much I can do with it! I tried Tumblr for a while but it was not functioning the way I need a blog to function, and so here I am.

My main focus with this blog will be to amuse and entertain readers, but I also want to focus on putting myself out there as a writer. There will be novel excerpts, short story excerpts, and, on occasion, poetry. There may also be advice entries, or rants on how I’m feeling that day. Basically I just want to bother you with my words as much as possible, and this handy site allows me to do so.

I will probably migrate some of the posts from Tumblr, so if you have seen it before, I promise there will be new things on the horizon!