Liz Makes Stuff: Scrappy Blanket 2023

At the beginning of this year, I participated in somewhat of a crochet-along project that some folks on TikTok were doing. That account, @needlelittledream, is a small-business duo who create crochet items and showcase their beautiful work. They decided to do a “scrap project,” using scrap yarn (NO purchasing allowed!) that they had been using to make their regular projects. And I decided to do it with them!

The project was a “scrappy” blanket. They made 12 squares out of different colors of yarn, with each square using a different crochet stitch. Then, the squares were put together in a blanket.

The stitches, chronologically as I worked on them (with a handy photo for reference):

  1. Traditional Granny square (light gray) (top right)
  2. Lemon peel (light pink) (top middle)
  3. Bobble (multicolored) (top left)
  4. Sedge (dark green)
  5. Mixed cluster (red)
  6. Baby bean (pink)
  7. Grit (light blue)
  8. Waffle (sea green)
  9. Solid Granny square (purple)
  10. Arrow (dark pink)
  11. Moss (multicolor purple)
  12. Larksfoot (dark blue)

You can see the videos I made about the process at my TikTok account. It was a really fun project and used up some yarn I didn’t have allocated to something else. I might actually do something like this again soon; now that I’m a seasoned crocheter (hah!), I have yarn favorites — and these squares gave me the opportunity to use some of the yarn I bought earlier in my crochet journey. It also helped me learn a few new stitches, which I’m hoping to use for other projects down the road!


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