Literally 2 Cents!: Managerial “Coping” Strategies

This week, we took a deeper look at the kinds of strategies the managers of the content mill used to cope with the fact that they were the middle man between overworked, underpaid employees and clients who, in all seriousness, were probably sold a bill of goods about the content they would be getting from the company.

A quick disclaimer: I promise we will not spend the entirety of this podcast dunking on the content mill. We have just been doing it a lot lately; we’re working on a chunkier episode that will be coming soon!

Another quick disclaimer: I mention this at some point in the episode, but it’s worth reiterating. The managers we worked with absolutely were doing their best. They cannot be fully faulted for the lemons they were handed.

Doing Something About Jenny Odell's "How to do Nothing," Part 1! This Too Too Solid Flesh

Listen now (45 min) | What does it mean to focus your attention and opt out of the "attention economy"?
  1. Doing Something About Jenny Odell's "How to do Nothing," Part 1!
  2. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to "Capitalist Realism"
  3. SEO Cope And Change—And StarCraft!
  4. The Top 10 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Content Mills

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