Happy National Crochet Day!

Today (September 12) is apparently National Crochet Day. (There is a day for everything, it seems.)

This is a perfect opportunity to gloat about all the stuff I’m making and how much progress I’ve made with this craft over the last couple of years.

My mom taught me how to crochet using a hairpin lace loom when I was eight. For years, we made blanket after blanket after blanket — we are never not making a hairpin lace blanket. For reference, a hairpin lace loom looks like this:

A golden crochet hook attached to red yarn and a hairpin lace crochet apparatus
And that blue and gray blanket I’m using was also hairpin lace.

So for the longest time, I only knew how to crochet using this specific method. Several years ago, however, my best friend started learning how to crochet from her mom, who is basically a professional. I wanted to learn how to make things from just yarn and a hook, too — and so my best friend showed me how to hold the yarn and how to do a single crochet stitch.

Then there was a pandemic.

The rest is history!

Here are some recent projects I’ve been working on:

Celebrate the day wisely, friends! Grab your hooks and get makin’!


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