Literally 2 Cents! Episode 2 now LIVE

In this episode, we talked about a conceptually infuriating (for me) app owned by Amazon that has you play games and take quizzes to find the next streaming media for you to watch. Does “the algorithm” work? Why is finding something to watch akin to work, now?

002b: Content algorithms: We’re the tools and Google is the operator Literally 2 Cents About Content!

Alex and Liz talk about algorithms and how they select and serve content, with an extended riff on an academic paper about bureaucracy (don't worry! we make it easy to understand). Also, if you've ever wondered what recursion is, we've got you covered with a simple definition and some basic examples.Liz’s website: lizmakesstuff.comEssay “The concept of algorithm as an interpretative key of modern rationality” (view-only; no PDF download without premium sub): Get full access to This Too Too Solid Flesh at
  1. 002b: Content algorithms: We’re the tools and Google is the operator
  2. 002a: IMDb What to Watch, AWS, and algorithmic selection
  3. 001: Bill Gates and the origins of "content is king"

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