Important Update: Pridecraft Stream

CGRH Presents: Pridecraft

Hey folks! If you are following along at the Cool Gamer Retirement Home site and are pumped about the Pridecraft event happening this month, I have big news!

My stream has been moved BACK to 6/21/2022 at 6 p.m. EST. Stop in at my Twitch channel to watch me try (and probably fail!) to play Minecraft.

From the earlier post:

We’re raising money for The Trevor Project through Tiltify, and there will be some cool incentives for you to check out. Our goal is $622! The kickoff is TONIGHT at 6 p.m. at RedriaPlays’ house.

Check out everyone else’s streams too:

CGRH Presents: Pridecraft

A Minecraft collab benefitting The Trevor Project


katryam, tuesday 6/14 7 pm
island_grandpa 6/15 8:15 pm
toastybaguette13 6/16 9pm
redriaplays 6/17 6pm
sekhmetlives 6/18 2pm
ladyofchaosj 6/19 5pm
shayisplaying 6/20 4pm
yeaoomerang 6/20 9pm
luvlitchi 6/21 2pm
nahtagain 6/21 8pm

don't miss the kickoff and finale!
Monday, 6/13 at 6pm and Friday, 7/1 at 8pm on RedriaPlays' channel!

All times in EST

See the incentives and our campaign here!

And I’ll say it again for the people in the back:

We say gay in this retirement home.


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