And… I’m back!

… On my bullshit!

In other words, I’m streaming again, after a very nice break for NaNoWriMo, lampwork class for a sprint (half semester), and general mental health rebuilding. Thanks for bearing with me and for coming out to bingo a couple weeks ago.

The TL;DR of this post is that I’m streaming Final Fantasy Wednesday, December 29 at 2 p.m. EST. Join me on my Twitch channel and chime in! Most likely spoilers for Endwalker!

The longer version…

I’ve been wanting to stream FFXIV: Endwalker since it dropped earlier in December, but several things transpired against me…

First, the game audio wasn’t working on my PC. Y ‘all, I did so much Googling. The game sounded choppy… laggy, even… coming through either my speakers or my headset. It was so odd! The problem didn’t start until I downloaded the expansion, so that was one variable eliminated. And it was happening on all of my devices–on just the game.

I did an insane amount of troubleshooting (insane for me, anyway-more than ten minutes). I tried turning off drivers, reloading drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling software, the works. I even reinstalled the entire FFXIV game, because I thought the audio files on my machine might be corrupted. (I had installed the expansion at 4 a.m. and had sleepily discovered that I needed to delete 64 GB of… something!… from my hard drive if I was going to download this massive shit; and I, being a fucking sleepy mess, might have deleted those audio files–who knew??)

Nothing worked.

In the end, it was my gaming controller messing me up. I noticed that the audio sounded… fine … when the controller was unplugged.

So it was something wrong with how the game interacted with the controller. I turned off the audio driver associated with the controller. And it’s been fine ever since.

Anyway, the other problem with the game is the obvious problem of every popular MMO: fucking server congestion.

The top of the image depicts a login screen for final fantasy xiv. It says "The world is currently full. Players in queue: 1,601." The bottom of the image reads in thick green letters over a yellow background: "Three hours later"

Things seem to be calming down a bit, and now that I can pretty much predict how long it’ll take me to get in…

Let’s wreck shit.

Join me Wednesday, December 29 at 2 p.m. EST for an MSQ dump, because I have nothing else to do this week and need to finish the game. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your granny: Internet Granma is back and she’s ready to throw down. (And, uh, make out with G’raha Tia. If I have to. I guess.) Spoilers for Endwalker ahoy!


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