Liz Streams Stuff: Life is Strange

Thanks to the influence of the lovely Soph (of Sophsbadgaming/Uncultured Palate fame) and amazing Mellannada, I seem to be getting into this live streaming thing.

Putting together more of a streaming schedule was on my list of goals for this year, so I am going to knock that out of the park early in the year. Every Sunday for the next few weeks, I’ll be hanging out with Soph on my Twitch stream, until I’m done with this game we started last week, called Life is Strange.

It’s her favorite game, a narrative-driven decision-making game about a high-school-age girl who has the power to reverse time — an interesting game mechanic that functionally serves as an “oh shit!” button for you to go back in time when you make a decision you regret or don’t solve a puzzle in the allotted time. It’s a beautiful game, quiet and introspective and easy to get lost in.

Also I make a point to look in every trash can, and it’s pretty enlightening usually.

Soph is creating a cookbook based on the different kinds of food we see in this game. It’s going to be full of delicious content (get it?).

Join me this Sunday (Valentine’s Day!) at 2:30 pm as we play through Episode 2!


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