Liz Makes Stuff… Feat. this week’s shenanigans

Things I’ve been up to this week:

Featured on YouTube in Mellannada’s latest!

Mell is my brother’s girlfriend, and she has been making YouTube videos of the fun games we like to play. We played Among Us the other night and it was so fun. Very much a serotonin-boosting activity.

Working on a secret project…

Shhhh…. it’s a secret. It may never see the light of day but I’m kind of loving it. Yes, I am vague-blogging on my own blog.

Digging in the mines basement of the house to prepare for more concrete

It’s a mess but I am proud of this section of concrete I poured. I used a shovel and sweated a bunch and everything.

And I’ve been cooking SO MUCH

Increasing serotonin

This has been the name of the game lately. I exercised a bunch, had a few beverages, played a lot of Animal Crossing, and generally tried to relax. I’m working hard to come out of the other side of this depression/pandemic/period of my life intact, and all of the above activities are part of that.

New life best life. I am reminded of that every day.


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