New stuff here: Liz crochets things

In case you haven’t noticed, I added a new page: Liz Makes Stuff.

During these long quarantine months and for a little before, I had started what will no doubt be a life-long love of crochet and knitting. My mom taught me how to crochet using a hairpin lace apparatus when I was very young. She and I have made several blankets over the course of my life; I am using two of them on a daily basis.

At the beginning of this year, my best friend taught me how to crochet just with a hook — and I made another blanket. (Blankets are a big part of my life, apparently.)

Featuring Bernat Baby Blanket yarn!

And then quarantine started.

I have bought (and used!) so much yarn in the last six months. I’ve crocheted pillow cases, knitted mats for the countertops, and made more coasters than you can believe. It has been the thing I did when I wanted to do nothing else; when I wanted to do nothing. Something about the monotonous nature of doing something over and over; of learning how to do a new stitch and then that becoming rote.

It has added a level of sanity — a touchstone, an anchor to everything in quarantine. I am excited to have an entire apartment filled with knitted and crocheted things. Kind of like this:

all credit goes to the maker of this meme — not sure the source

What are some things you’ve been looking into starting or mastering? I’d love to hear about it.


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