More food and fun: White potage curry udon

Two young women stand facing each other in a kitchen. One holds a bowl and the other holds a pot

The title of this blog contains two of my favorite words in one phrase: curry udon.

My friend Soph is on a roll lately, and this week on her list of recipes to try was a dish that she found via the (inappropriately hilarious) anime Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars). It’s an anime a little like a cross between a high school drama and a Food Network cooking competition program. I have been watching it with her, and I haven’t gotten to this particular episode yet, but the titular recipe is from this show. Soph found the recipe online and decided that it would be our next food adventure.

And so, with Mera in attendance, plus our other sous chef, the Architect (which is what I’m gonna call him from now on, even though it might give him some kinda big head), we embarked on a flavorful journey together.

Read about how the recipe turned out on Soph’s blog, and follow along!

There were a few “lessons learned” that Soph outlined in her description of the evening. Another one that she didn’t list: The Architect gets hangry anywhere from 6 to 9 pm and will just start throwing things in his mouth, so you probably don’t have to make him as much food.

Truly, Soph is an inspiration. She was so excited about this dish, and she immediately threw herself into making it, even though parts of it were rather complicated for a newbie chef (poached eggs and roux!). She’s fearless and determined, and she wants to learn it all! I’ve already decided to gift her some kitchen items for her birthday later this year.

Soph is also part of the reason I have been updating here a little more often of late. Her drive to create relatable, enjoyable content is infectious, and it’s fun hearing her talk about her plans for her own website and Twitch stream. I know she’s going to be successful, because she doesn’t give up, and because she is so fiercely optimistic about everything.

This weekly dinner and hangout sesh is quickly becoming part of my routine, part of my journey toward happiness in 2019. So here’s to friendship, and food, and forging ahead in the months to come.


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