Blog collabos with @sophsbadgaming: Tortilla soup

I made soup!

Well, more accurately, I helped my friend Soph make soup.

Over on her food blog,, she has been making recipes that she either finds online or that someone gives her. So far, she’s made a LOT of desserts — and she’s phenomenal at it. She’s made Oreo balls, coconut-raspberry crumble, red velvet cheesecake, you name it.

Someone holding a pan of raspberry crumble with one red oven mitt and one blue.

Well, last week, she decided to branch out into something a little heartier, and her friend Elimere gave her a recipe for chicken tortilla soup. This was her virginal foray into soups, and I am happy that I got to be there to witness it. One dish and she’s already mastered the art of soup-making: Just stir more spices in there, already. No, MORE.

She laid out the recipe and our culinary adventures on her blog. Check it out for full instructions! It really is worth trying, because damn, this soup was delicious. We added all sorts of spices, and dolloped a good helping of thickly shredded cheese on top… Yum!

Not to mention our extremely cute sous chef.

Black dog licking a person's hand
Good girl, Mera!

Even though I don’t cook that often, I actually enjoy it. I love it when something I’ve made turns out perfectly, like with this tortilla soup. I also think that cooking is a deeply communal art, and being able to share the kitchen with people I love is priceless.

Stay tuned for many more blog collaborations with Soph and maybe even a little bit extra. :) We’ve got something in the slow cooker that we’ll be announcing once we have a better idea of what it’ll look like. (Wow, that metaphor really fell apart on me in the middle.)



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