Preorders are open for SHE’S LOST CONTROL

All right, ladies and gents!

I know I’ve been mum on this for a bit, but Post Mortem Press and I have been working hard putting together the all-female dark fiction anthology She’s Lost Control. Well, we have a release date:

February 26, 2019.

Just in time to celebrate Women in Horror Month!

You can preorder the Kindle version on Amazon now!

I’m insanely proud of this anthology. It’s just over 200 pages of some of the best fiction and poetry I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I’m grateful that these women entrusted their words to me, and I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands.

Book cover for SHE'S LOST CONTROL, edited by Elizabeth Jenike

Published by Liz

I'm a writer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. I've been writing for ages and ages. Somehow now I'm actually getting someone to pay me to do it.

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