The Illusion Conundrum, Part 1: A Request

"Empty battery" notice on Amazon Kindle screen with a picture of an empty battery.

AKA “Holy crap guys, this is going to be a toughie.”

So I read the first chapter of the novel. And whoo-ieee. It was bad. Like, colossal mega-bad. But I still believe in the kernel of the story, so to speak. I’m gonna stick this out.

I’ve come to the realization that I am going to need to re-immerse myself in YA fantasy if I’m going to be any good at dredging this book up from the depths of time and terribleness. To that end, I’m looking for recommendations!

What are your favorite YA fantasy novels? I have read books in the D&D universe, the Redwall books, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey – you name it, and I’ve probably at least skimmed through it. But I’ve been away from YA fantasy for a long time. What’s it like now? Where should I even start?

Any help is appreciated!




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