Submit, submit, submit!

Happy February! I turn 27 this month, and if that weren’t enough, my friend Beth and I have decided that this is the month we get serious about sending our novels out into the agent/publisher ether. It’s scary, it’s nerve-wracking – but it’s something we need to do.

I’m actually pretty excited about this. I made a spreadsheet and everything. Throughout the month I’m going to start sending my novel out to a list of agents and publishers that I think would give my novel a fair shake – for instance, the ones currently accepting adult fantasy with strong female protagonists, etc etc – and I’ll report back with any updates during the process or if I hear back from any of them!

Let’s submit!


Published by Liz

I'm a writer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. I've been writing for ages and ages. Somehow now I'm actually getting someone to pay me to do it.

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