NaNo Playlist

As I’ve said elsewhere before (here, here, and here)(good grief I write a lot about P!atD), music is super important to my writing process. I don’t necessarily listen to sweeping symphonic music like some writers might (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that — more power to them!), instead opting for more fast-paced, catchy stuff like Panic! at the Disco. (Like you expected me to say anything else.)

So here we go:

Time to Dance – Panic! at the Disco (fun fact: this is my favorite song of all time)

Time to Dance (Demo) – Panic! at the Disco

Hurricane – Panic! at the Disco

Victorious – Panic! at the Disco

In My World – Rookiez Is Punk’d

Crisis – Rookiez Is Punk’d

Neverland (feat. Charity Lane) – Crywolf

Angel With a Shotgun – The Cab

Sugar We’re Goin’ Down Swingin’ – Fall Out Boy

From Now On We’re Enemies – Fall Out Boy

Young Volcanoes – Fall Out Boy

Goyanomachiawase – Hello Sleepwalkers

Brave Shine – Aimer

Sign – Flow

Closer – Joe Inoue

Hope you guys find something you like here. I like listening to upbeat things while writing, so this list is pretty nice. A bit eclectic, too. (Though there sure does seem to be a lot of JRock on there . . .) I’m sure I’ll add some songs as the month goes on, but this is my starting point. I’ll get this set up on my iPod and then get to working come November 1!


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I'm a writer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. I've been writing for ages and ages. Somehow now I'm actually getting someone to pay me to do it.

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