Inspiration, October 14

Woops, I missed a day. In my defense, I was recuperating from a long weekend of mayhem and day drinking (I queued most of those posts that I did publish before the weekend started).

In any case, back to the pictures!

a map of olden times
A map! Definitely not my map, because my map looks like a bunch of skinny lines on a white sheet of paper. But a map!

I’m still working on my map, and one of my friends recently created an awesome-looking map of our D&D realm – putting my current scribbles to shame. So I’m going to make another attempt, and hopefully this time it will be good. Claudya’s (or Audy’s, as I have chosen to call her) hometown, Heredo, is situated next to a large lake near the middle of the continent. The city has a great influx of goods from the river that feeds into the lake, and there are great trade roads leading to and through Heredo.

The trade roads are a little different than simple cobblestone streets with mostly horse-drawn wagon traffic, however. The raised train system also runs through the middle of the continent, mostly following the river, hitting all the major trade cities.

One of the curious things about this train system is that it makes a stop near the Great Library of Graniaec. The library is housed in a city at the bottom of a great mountain chain. The city is known as a haven for scholars of all kind, but scholars don’t have need for bureaucracy — therefore, the city is a bastion of neutrality on the edge of winter in the mountains.

I can’t wait to write this.


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