Inspiration, October 12

One of the most important things in fantasy literature is the idea of the hearty meal.

Picture of beef strew with carrots, potatoes, and meat in a pot.
Mmmmmmm beef stew.

The hobbits’ second breakfast comes to mind, and the Turkish delight enjoyed by Edmund upon meeting the White Witch, and every scene from Harry Potter that takes place in the Great Hall. Food is important in fantasy novels, and I love eating, so combine the two . . . and we have a formula for a great book. Or a great lunch. Whichever.

I’m not sure yet where this knowledge is going to come in handy. However, one of my favorite kinds of scenes to write is the one where the character explores the marketplace, coming in contact with different types of foods from countries around the world. It’s a colorful scene, with lots of descriptions and tastes. It’s fun to write.

Maybe I’m just hungry.


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