The last two weeks . . .

. . . have been pretty hectic. Somehow I still manage to get into all kinds of things to do, even though I’m done with my degree and probably should just be sleeping and eating and reading (for FUN!). Which, granted, I have been doing a lot of.

The last two weeks, however, were busy. In a good way! My sister-in-law came to visit from Utah, and she brought my brand-new niece with her. The kid is adorable and I want to squeeze her cheeks. She’s only seven weeks old, but she’s solid. She’s already rolling over and doing little baby exercises and generally being a cute little cutie.

Look at this little cutie.
Look at this little cutie.

Their visit was way too short. I bet my sis-in-law is happy to be home and settled back into a normal routine, though. I can’t imagine traveling all the way across the country with such a new little one. Can’t wait to see all of them again soon.

Another thing I did is plan out my NaNoWriMo, which I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about as November nears. My plan is not as fleshed out as it  needs to be yet, but it’s a start. The basics: I’m going to ready my novel for submission. Scary!

And, of course, there were many kitty cuddles. (I can never get good cuddly pictures of the little one, because she’s too squirrel-y most of the time, but here is a good curious kitty pic.)

My cuddly boy.
My cuddly boy.
And silly girl.
And silly girl.







So anyway. My cats are the cutest.

I also bought a rocking chair! Which I guess means I’m getting old, or whatever. It’s the best decision I could have made at the time. It’s so comfortable.

And there were weddings and lots of Bo Burnham on Netflix on repeat. Mostly, I’m having fun. And buying furniture. I think I’m trying to nest. But I need an actual nest first.

Be sure to check in near the end of the week for my all-time Top 10 list of favorite books (it’s been harder to write than you would think). Ciao!


PS. Did you notice how many cute things are in this post? I’m practically drowning in cute.


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