Story of the Week #6 — “With Human” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee

Apparently I’m on a pregnancy/babies kick the past couple of weeks. I read this a while ago and just remembered that I wanted to talk about it. My friend pippicannotread over at tumblr posted it saying that one of these lovely ladies was a professor of hers in her undergrad. Read the story here. My friend’s words: “It will leave you feeling ferocious.”

Ferocious indeed.

I’ve read this multiple times now, and each time, I get chills all over  my body from the sheer frankness of this story. The authors have an incredible mastery over emotion and craft with this piece. It never comes right out and says anything, but the reader can parse together the pieces. Plus the language is wonderful, leaving us with gems like this one:

The little human baby snowballed inside her, colder and harder, collecting sharp stones.

Everyone should just do themselves a favor and go read this.

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